In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful

Welcome to our blog.

The curious mind needs but a portal to explore. This curiosity lead prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) to discover Allah (SWT) through His creations. This very curiosity has lead us to countless and amazing discoveries in our journey from being cave dwellers to an advanced race that struggles to keep up with its own achievements.

In the world of today that is fast becoming a centralized hub of information and knowledge-sharing, this is another page in the tomes of easily accessible information that is just a click away.

The thirst for knowledge doesn’t just end with attaining it, to the contrary the journey begins with attaining knowledge. It takes its learner through a winding road of self improvement and growth, a vista of so many promises that the scope of it all is virtually limitless. As we seek the knowledge of this world to merely survive in it, we must also seek the knowledge of the hereafter, the better life, the everlasting one of the hereafter. We thus implore you, oh fair and abject reader, to explore the resources that we will collate and publish here and benefit from it as we have.

Syed Tameem

Secretary, Islamic Academy of Sciences

May Allah (SWT) help you find the answers you are looking for and bless you with peace.